Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grocery Day

It's my bi-weekly grocery day.  Yes, yes, I have mentioned that we should go every week, but honestly, we are just too freaking busy, so once every two weeks is what we do.  The last few days of that two weeks inevitably requires me to get a little creative in my cooking, but it's good. It makes us use up the things in our pantry so that things don't expire.

So that is tonight.  Then Logan and I are going to head over to Old Navy. I have another Groupon (yes another... I LOVE those things) for $20 worth of merchandise. So I am going to get the boys some new shirts.

Click here to check out......Groupon

Today's Groupon is for $7 for $15 worth of McGavins' bread.... decent deal.... might have to pick that one up.


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