Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Morning

Nothing like some seriously craptastic weather to get Wednesday off and running.

Oh well. Whatevs.

Bleeker was out last night doing some measuring for the backyard deck.  We actually might go down to the States to buy the materials. They are so much cheaper and even with the  duty that we'd pay, it still works out cheaper.

I have to clean the house tonight. Bleeker is having guys night on Friday after work, so I'd have to clean Thursday, but I am going to the Bomber game with my Dad, so Wednesday night it is. The good things is that with soccer during the week, the boys aren't home very much to mess it up, so it stays fairly clean.

I was going to do my usual Hump Day Happiness posts, but Bloggers picture uploader is busted, so nix to that. 



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