Friday, June 10, 2011


Well that week went by really fast. Sheesh!

Logan's birthday went really well, he had a fun day at school, got to hang out with his friends in the evening, had cake and ice cream and got some great presents!

Logan likes to pick his own clothes out, so he decided to wear the transformer costume (just the "suit") to daycare, but he'll change for school.  Now he's got his eyes on the prize a big (BIG) party on Sunday with all of his friends.

Another busy weekend coming up ( is there any other kind really?)  Logan has a birthday party to go to on Satruday for Rhys. Then Sunday is Logan's party.  Zach is having Nathan over to play and somewhere in there Brad had to find time for a 12 mile run, his last big one before the half next weekend.

June is so busy. OMG. With the school functions, board meetings, races, graduations, marking papers.... it's completely mental!!

Whatevs, we'll get through it...  on to Friday Awesomeness...


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