Monday, June 20, 2011

Amazing weekend!

I sometimes have weekends that are fairly hum drum and by the time Monday rolls around, I don't feel like I have had a break at all.  Or alternatively, they are so busy that by the time Monday arrives, I am exhausted.

This was just an awesome weekend. The best. 

Saturday the movie with Zach was fantastic, it was a documentary, but even though it was animals, there was definitely a story to be told. Quite fascinating really.  Zach completely enjoyed it.  Logan had a wonderful time at Brady's party and so everyone was in great spirits.

We all went to bed early so we could get up at 5.  Brad always gets excited for Race day, so he got up around 4:30, so ultimately so did the rest of us.  Good thing.  Brett was supposed to be at our place for 5:30, but he showed up around 5, so we were all set to go.  Whoo Hooo!

Race day was amazing.  Zach was dancing to the music waiting for our wave of the Super Run.  We bumped into Logan's friend Matthew.  Matthew's Dad wasn't running, so we decided that he could run with us, so that I could keep an eye on him.  8000 plus people can get a little overwhelming.  I have to admit it was hard to keep track of the three boys as they were running in the crowds. However, we had all agreed to stay together and if someone needed to walk, we all would walk.  Logan is a champ. Honestly, that kid was born to race, he has such a positive attitude telling Matthew (who was tired and needed to walk ) "no problem, I'll walk with you, when you're energy is back up, we'll get right back at it."  I was so proud of him.

Zach is not a long distance runner.  He prefers to sprint and then walk.  Logan like to run at a steady pace the whole way, as do I.  So it was challenging, but, we all crossed the finish and beat our time from last year! SCORE!

After going home for a little R&R, we headed over to our friends Dave and Beth's place for a BBQ.  The kids had a total blast. The weather was amazing and they spent the entire afternoon in and out of the pool.  Lots of laughing, playing and remarkably, no fighting.  Beth brought out some wine and we soaked up the sun.

We got there at 2pm and by the time any of us looked at a watch it was 8pm.  What an awesome afternoon.  I did however not apply sunscreen very well and so I have burnt my left arm. Not my right, just my left and a splotchy burn because my sunscreen application was uneven.  Hawt.  Oh well, I don't go sleeveless at work anyways, so it doesn't make a difference.

Today is Logan's Kindergarten Graduation from the daycare.  In a few weeks he will move from the preschool side (where kids stay from age 2 until Kindergarten) to the before and after school side.  He's really looking forward to it.  Being the oldest kids on the preschool side has it's advantages, but everything seems babyish according to Logan. He's ready to move on.  So we will celebrate that in St. Vital Park tonight. Hopefully the weather holds up. 

We have a soccer windup this coming weekend and Logan's school Kindergarten graduation and that is it for June events.  It's been a busy month!!!


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