Friday, June 3, 2011

Activity Day

Today was Activity day, which for us meant a day spent at Harbourview. 
We could not have had a nicer day for it.  First stop Heather (super rad coworker - that's her at the right) picked me up and headed out to St. B for breakfast.  Pallatino or something?  Can't really recall the name. ..

 Doesn't matter, it was stupid good.  For $4.95 you got 2 eggs, pan fries, 7 pieces of bacon, 3 pieces of toast and 2 pancakes.  Heather and I split the pancakes and I gave Jamie (that's her in the peach on the left, she has to put up with my nattering all day at work as she sits directly behind me) the rest of my bacon.

Next up was Harbourview.  Really beautiful place.  So we set up camp, did our version of lawn bowling. I saw our version, because I am quite confident we weren't playing the game correctly, but whatever.  Then we relaxed in the sun for awhile. Heather busted out her phone and cranked some Adele tuneage...

Since we were all still stuffed from our huge breakfast, we decided to go play mini golf prior to having lunch. Good times.  We had the whole place to ourselves as everyone was having lunch.  Sweet.
After mini golf, we decided to grab some lunch thinking we were so slick for outsmarted the line up.  We initially thought that lunch went from 11:30 - 1:30.  Evidently that was not the case, it only went until 1:00.  So when we got there the social committee was walking out with our lunches in take out containers.  Jamie, Paulette ( i don't have a picture of her as I think she was in the bathroom when I took these) and Pat (that's my super fit coworker in the white... her shirt said MooMoolemon... so cute)  chased them down and they somewhat reluctantly handed over our lunches.  Not that we missed much, after sitting out for awhile, they weren't the greatest.

After that, we called it a day and head home.  Perfect.  I got to pick up the kids from school, which I don't get go do very often. 

My stupid toe is still sore from saving my laptop.  So frustrating. I brought it home to do work, but i can't remember the password to one of the software programs. I only use the program once every month and that means every time I log in I have to change my password and I can never remember what I set it to. So that means I will be going into work tomorrow to run it there.  Bugger. Oh well. No big deal.

Three cheers for the frickin weekend!!!!

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