Saturday, June 18, 2011

7 Stops!!

Wow.. that was some epic errand running.

First Zach and I hit up the bulk barn, I had a coupon for $3 off.  Since Logan is going to a birthday party, Zach feels left out, so I am gonig to take him to a movie instead - so we needed to get some treats.

After that, we went to the McGavins Bread Basket to stock up...20 loaves of bread later! I had that Groupon to use up. Talk about Fresh Bread.  Anyways, we put most of it in the freezer, but still. Awesome.

Next up we got Zach two new pairs of shorts as he doesn't really have any that fit outside of the 2 I bought him at Old Navy last week.  So we got 2 shorts and a t-shirt.

Then was Banville and Jones to grab a bottle of wine to the BBQ we are going to tomorrow. 

After Banville, we hit Safeway to cash in some of my free coupons, Bottles of Coke, Granola bars...etc.  Love Free coupons. 

Banville doesn't sell beer, so we hit the LC to pick up some beer for Brad.  The six pack I bought was faulty and one hit the pavement and exploded.  Poop.

Last was extra foods, to get the stuff for a macaroni salad for the BBQ to go with the wine.

Then Home.

I have really been impressed with the coupons lately, saving SO much.  Can't believe they were right under my nose the whole time and never took advantage of them.

Anyways, gotta run, Zach and i are going to hit up the Lions Documentary at Cinema City and awe have to drop Logan off at Brady's birthday.

Then tomorrow, bright and early, 5:30 am we are leaving to go to U of M. 



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