Monday, May 9, 2011


Busy as per usual, but lovely.

Saturday Logan had a Tai Kwo Do birthday party to go to. The party was for his friend Noah.  Noah and Logan are good buddies.  Actually, Logan is good buddies with everyone.  Logan is simply the most cheerful, giggly kid around. Since Logan deals with chaos all the time in the form of his brother, he is so very tolerant and understanding of other kids (probably why the other Mums like him so much).

Anways, Birthday party was a hit! Logan had lots of fun.  In talking with Corrinne (Noah's mum) a little later on in the evening, it wasn't the best day for them.  Noah's older brother broke his foot when they were at the Tai Kwon Do place and is now in a full cast. Poor kid. Corinne's boys have had the worst luck when it comes to broken bones!

After dropping Logan at the party, Zach and I went to visit GG and bring her some Mother's Day treats.  Then we went to go see Rio.  Very cute movie.  I love Jesse Einsenberg, so it was extra cute.

Sunday morning I was greeted with an ambush of hugs and kisses.  I love the presents the boys had made for me. They were both so proud of their creations.  Logan had made chocolates, but I double checked with him that they were chocolatesn (they were pink, yellow and green) and not crayons.... you never know LOL.  Zach had painted a beautiful butterfly watercolor.  Bleek respected my wishes and did not buy a ridiculously expensive Mothers day card, so that was awesome.  He did buy me one of the books on my wish list, BossyPants, so I am currently giggling my head off as it is a very funny read.

Bleek and I are gearing up for some anniversary celebrations this week.. 9 years on Wednesday.  Wow.  I am extremely fortunate to have found a man who genuinely loves me for me.  I am very lucky. Recently something changed in the dynamic with Bleek and I . We have talked about it and it's like we're dating again - all romantic and smiley.  We can't figure out why or how it happened, but who cares... it's pretty cool.


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