Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Update

It was such a nice weekend.

Saturday the weather was total crap, but we played games, cards, watched movies.... nice and relaxing.

Sunday and Monday it was overcast, but nice enough to venture out. We planted a herb/rhubarb garden at the cabin in a quiet area in between 3 trees.

The boys, Bleek and Dad took the go-carts out. So much fun! They went exploring all over, in the fields, forest trails.... they found a whole bunch of neat things. Zach found a garter snake, which they named Venom and brought back to the cabin. Logan found an otter skull (which had been there for awhile as it was clean bone) They even found a whole picked clean Cow carcus. Sounds digusting and it kind of is except that the vertebrae of a cow are really cool they are HUGE!

Dale and Courtney came over with their German Shepard, Ceasar. Logan and Zach love Ceasar. They played fetch with him for hours. When it got dark we had a big bonfire in the firepit. I had bought some rainbow fire (packets of copper sulfate that when burned turns the flames green and cobalt blue). I cannot stress how cool this looked. Instead of the flames being orange/red, they were bright bright blue and green. Coolest thing ever. Very Goblet of fire-ish.

Happy Tuesday!


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