Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My quest to do one small thing has been going well.

I am slowly (but surely) getting to everyone that was nominated for cookies.

Up next is Neillie Cremin.  Here was his nomination:

I would like to nominate Neillie Cremin. Neillie is one the farmers out by our cabin in Stockton, MB. On several occasions this past winter Neillie has graciously driven his tracker the 3+ miles, in frigid temperatures, to our cabin to plow in a road so that our family could get to the cabin. On a couple of occasions he has dropped everything to drive over and pull our truck out of the snow. Neillie’s heart is truly bigger than his 2000+ acre farm.

So Bleek and made a big double batch of cookies to take out to Neillie this weekend when we go to the cabin. Neillie has had a tough go of it lately. With the ferry not running because of the flood waters, Neillie can't get to the other side of the river to his land, so it's not really a great situation.

I really should start going to bed earlier. This staying up reading until midnight crap just makes me exhausted in the mornings. Compensating with coffee is effective, but not really overtly healthy.  Although I have read that a glass of apple juice in the morning will wake you up as well as coffee. I am pretty sure that's due to the healthy dose of sugar in a glass of juice though.


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