Friday, May 20, 2011


Oh Happy Day... May Long!

Been kind of an odd week what with the conference and everything so it seems even odder that today is Friday.

The school is having a big celebration at St. Vital park today.  It's an all day thing, so Logan is BEYOND pumped to have kinder in the am and pm.  Zach is happy too, but Logan's excitement is pretty hard to match on this one. He's been talking about it for weeks!

I am hoping to have a relaxing weekend.  The weather isn't supposed to cooperate, but whatevs, it's May Long.  Did I mention that grocery stores are now going to be carrying wine/beer....???  How awesome is that????  Probably not so awesome if you work at an LC.  I think it would be cool if they could give the rights to sell wine/beer to the local grocers first.  How rad would that be?  That would send a lot of traffic into the local Stores.  However, I don't think that is how it's actually going to go down.  I think only a select number of stores... Safeway?, Sobeys?  Superstore?

Onto the TGIFS!

Want Gif - Want

I want to be so happy that crossing the hallway is bliss:
Crossing the Hallway is Fun Gif - Crossing the Hallway is Fun

Gonna start the way we mean to continue... here's some Beastie Boys to get the weekend started...


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