Monday, May 2, 2011

Sump Pump

What a fluke.

I had done laundry last night, so I was down in the laundry room and all was well.

I went down there this morning to get some clothes off of the indoor clothes line only to step in a puddle.    Our sump pump has a pipe that goes straight up from the pit.  Last year Bleek installed a one way valve close to the pit, so that once the water is pumped up, it doesn't flow back down once the pump shuts off and all the water in the hose flows back down.

Well, I guess for whatever reason, the pipe ( PVC) coming out of the pit disconnected, but the pump was still working. So it was pumping water out of the pit, all over the laundry room floor. Well isn't that just excellent.

Good thing was that it only must have happened last night sometime and it didn't happen when we were away last weekend.  Second good thing is that I noticed it and fixed it this morning and since it was cold, there wasn't much water coming in from the tile, so it appears as though only one "pump" of water went on the floor.

It's always something.

So sleepy today.. every muscle seems to ache from being out and working in the cold yesterday.    I am hoping we cracekd $100,000 for the race proceeds!! That will definitely take the sting off my still-to-be thawed toes.


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