Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oil change, car wash and movie oh my!

Groupon's latest deal was two oil changes, a car wsh, nitrogen air tire fill all for $59.  Good deal.

So this  morning Zach and I are going to get the car's oil changed (it's been blinking that it's in dire need of an oil change for awhile now). Then to wash the car, which will be nice as again, it's been awhile and apparently just parking my car on the street during a rain storm isn't enough. Boo.

Tonight Kendra and I are going to go see Bridesmaids.  A rater R flick for women?  Uh... yes please!

It actually feels weird to be at home, we've been going to the cabin every chance we get.  Kinda nice in a way too because I can get caught up on some laundry and maintenance things...oil changes for example.

Zach's latest checklist from the school came home.  The checklist is a one page list of ADHD screening questions.  But, the doctors also use it to determine whether or not meds are making a positive impact.  The scale ranges from "Not at all" to "Very Much" in describing certains behaviors... for instance one question might be has trouble sitting still during class times or is easily distracted by external stimuli.

Prior to meds, Zach was in the "very much" category for everything.  But now, he is in "just a little" for the majority and even has a few "not at alls", so it's definitely an improvement.

I wish I had some nice things to say about his teacher.   I don't.  So rather than turn this into a total B*tch fest, I am going to do what my mother taught me and since I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all.

My cousin Jill ( who is more like my sister than a cousin) married Jason, a wonderful man, who just also happens to have ADHD.  So it's great in that I have someone to talk to regarding all my ADHD questions.  Jason and I get along great and even work together on the race committee for the WPS Half Marathon.  Sometime ago, when we got Z's diagnosis, I was conflicted. On one hand relieved that we finally knew what it was and it was reassuring to know we weren't doing anything wrong, but at the same time, sad because your child has been diagnosed with something they will have their whole lives.  Jason and Jill were amazing and supportive. They bought us this book, All dogs have ADHD. It's the sweetest book and describes the symptoms of ADHD in a true way while still providing a sense of hope and optimism.

Here it is:


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