Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Night off?

I am actually hoping it rains all day today. Bleek needs a night off.

He's been coaching 4 nights a week and it'svery tiring.So ai am hoping that he will get a bit of a reprieve from the weather and just relax tonight.

I registered the boys and I for the SuperRun at the Manitoba Marathon last night.  I am a little  (make that a lot) ticked off at his teachers though. Zach is in the run club at school. So when you register for the race, you register online and give a school code. Then instead of paying online, the school pays and you settle up later.  Back in May I had asked Zach's teacher if they had sent home that information yet. She said no and that it would be coming in the next couple of weeks. Well yesterday was the deadline and we still hadn't heard anything.

So I went ahead and registered the boys and myself on our own.  Brad is already registered to do the half.  I am not going to have them miss out because of the school.  But it annoyed me. I specifically talked to her and she said it hadn't gone home yet. 


Tonight Logan and I are going shoe shopping. I saw some shoes yesterday, but I couldn't remember what size he takes, so I bought them only to find they were way too small. So I took them back and got another pair in his current size. It's not that his were too small, just that they had worn out.

But then the second pair was too smal. So, as much fun as running back and forth to the store is, Logan and I are going to go together tomorrow and find a new pair. Sheesh!


In sticking with my plan, I am down to one small coffee a day ( if you have seen a Tim's small, it looks like a shot glass).  The small coffee at work is a little bigger than that, but still, only one a day with no sweetner.  Small headache the past few days, but nothing as bad as if I had gone cold turkey.



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