Saturday, May 28, 2011

Isn't that interesting?

Okay.... this week I had a strange dream .  To recap... in the dream one of my friends was pregnant. This friend already has kids and I remember in my dreaming feeling bittersweet... I wanted badly for one of my other friends to get pregnant too.

Well guess what????

Yup! the friend who I have prayed (yes I actually did on this one) that she would become pregnant this year is.  I am busting!!!! So unbelievably happy for her and her husband. They will make the best parents ever.  Gotta say that is the best news i have heard in awhile. 

Funny about the dream though huh?  In the dream I was thinking "why couldn't it be her? she would be such an amazing mum..."  and now she will get that chance.

Life is good today.


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