Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is Sun too much to ask?

Never realise how much I like the Sun until it isn't here and we have a week's worth of gloomtastic, cold weather to contend with.

Soccer last night was COLD. I had one small Mexican blanket to keep me warm. Logan and his twin friends, Connor and Rylan were playing, so Zach and Kiera (twin friends older sister) were huddled under the blanket with me. Whenever the boys switched shifts they came and huddled under the blanket too. At one point, I had 5 children all clinging and trying to keep warm. There were kids playing soccer in ear muffs. That is just intrinsically wrong.

Zach has both soccer and hockey tonight so he has to pick. I think he's going to go with soccer, but honestly I think Hockey would be warmer...

I have tomorrow off to get ready for our Anniversary weekend. I am going to clean the house, so it's all ready for Mum to come and spend the weekend. Then I have to get some groceries or she is going to have to attempt to make dinner with Ketchup and Cheerios, which is always difficult.

Next week I am at the CGA Conference, but I'll be back to work on Friday. Then it will be the last week of May... WTF? Wasn't it February 2 minutes ago?

I can't wait for the school year to be done. Zach needs the break. Logan loves school, but I can't wait for summer because he will move over into the Before and After program with the big kids at the daycare. Very exciting for him (and me, because it's considerably cheaper! Whoo hoo!)
When Logan was an infant (under 2 yrs) and Zach was in preschool daycare was $952 a month. Currently it hovers around $550 a month, chepear because Zach's in Before/After. The summer will be expensive, around $752 a month, cause the boys are there full days, but in the fall it will drop to $316 a month. Suh-weeet!!


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