Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hump Day Happiness

Soccer was cold last night. Bleek and Dave are the coaches for Zach and Kiera's (Dave's daughter) and they are also the coaches for Logan , Conner and Rylan's team (Dave's twins').  So we hang out... a lot.

Beth is Dave's wife and she's so fun.  We were laughing our heads off the whole time.  Mostly because we were both freezing and laughing made the hour sitting getting a face full of cold wind more tolerable.

Theatre with Kendra tonight.... 39 Steps.... which I think is a Hitchcook.... I think....  Last one of the season. Sorry to see it be over really. Totally enjoyed myself going to the theatre with Kendra. I definitely want to renew for next year... the playbills look fantastic!

Anyways... Hump Day happines....


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