Saturday, May 14, 2011

Entertainment Options

Alright... Let me catch you up. Had a great day with Bleek. Actually got to talk- something we don't get to do that often. I sometimes forget just what an ridiculously cool guy he is...but I digress.

So conversation, sat out by the fire pit all day.. Bleek actually got burnt. Went and checked out the flood situation. Crazy, there are white caps in our neighbors field. Repeat... There are WAVES where farmland should be.

Anyways, after a delightfully yummy smoked rib dinner, then movie...yada yada yada... :P , Bleek is ready to crash.

So its 11:30 ish and I am perusing my DVD options. We have watched the ones I brought out, so I ventured into worlds unknown to see what is here.. This is what I found (I sh*t you not.. You can't make this stuff up)

All that Jazz- "a masterwork, an extravagant achievement"..well really how could it not be with that much sequins involved.

Spaghetti Westerns- this one is a DVD collection of 20 movies spanning 32 hours including titles like "Find a place to die" and "Death rides a horse"... Seems cheerful enough, but I continued my search...

Fast time at Ridgemont High- I was initially extremely impressed with my parents for having this exquisite title only to realize it was mine.

Last one is a gem... Ready?

The Verminators II - Predator or Prey. This one puzzles me: a) the content and b) the fact that there was enough of this aforementioned content to make a sequel. Also the fellows gracing the glorious cover (Randy & Rick) seem quite happy rocking a handlebar mustache and goatee while standing triumphantly over a heap of what I believe to be coyotes.

Tough call really-all solid choices.

Think its gonna half to be Fast Times as I haven't head nearly enough alcohol to make The Verminators tolerable.

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