Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chocolate Milk = Horror

Everything was going swimmingly yesterday. I was having lunch with the girls whilst sipping some chocolate milk. Then I started to feel horrible.
Stomach pain, nausea.... it was awful.

I should back up just a bit. I have been having some stomach troubles for awhile now. I saw a nutritionist and we determined that I have trouble with gluten. I got tested to Celiac, and it came back negative. So it looked like I was gluten intolerant and off we went.

My stomach was still not doing so great, so at the most recent physical the doctor tested a bunch more things and they have found I have IBS.
I can't say that I actually believed the diagnosis, but whatever.

Alright, now you're caught up. I went home after work and did a little research, apparently, Chocolate Milk is a major IBS attack trigger. So I guess I can't really ignore the IBS diagnosis anymore. It turns out that gluten, dairy and chocolate are my triggers (or the ones I have isolated so far).

Fantastic. They also say to avoid caffeine, artificial sweetners, alcohol, fats, certain fiber (there is a problem for IBS people and insoluable vs soluable fiber). Essentially anything good with flavor.. okay, that might just a slight exaggeration.

Mind you, if that is what it takes to make me feel better, then I suppose it's worth it. Cutting out caffeine cold turkey would be far too painful for me, so I am cutting it down to one a day, medium ( instead of large) and no sweetner added. It suble, but it's a start. Next week I will tkae it down to a small and the following week switch the herbal tea.


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