Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ha! Just titled this post "busy" then realized I had typed "busty"...whoops!

Things are going well, it's been a busy week away from the office. The conference I am attending is out by the airport, so yeah, super convenient when you live on the other side of the city.

Tonight was Z's last Spring hockey game. Pretty sure we are going to put him in league hocher next year,same with Logan... But we'll see. Somehow we will have to find time for hockey, swimming and theatre classes- some how it all works out.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conferences and then I am back downtown Friday. Gotta say I am kind of relieved. While driving to work is a novelty, fighting traffic the whole way sucks. There is something to be said for zoning out for 40 minutes on a bus.. Get a nap, read a book....not really advisable activities or driving.

In a totally unrelated,the palm of my right hand itches. Does that mean money is coming in or going out. I remember reading somewhere that this myth only comes true if you don't scratch. Okay... No cashola for me then. Damn. I could use some new shoes.


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