Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 39 Steps

To say it was good is un understatement. To say it was incredible a little more accurate.

Wow. Totally impressed. I had no idea what to expect from the play last night.  When I read it was a take on Alfred Hitchcock,  I wasn't overly thrilled to be honest.  I got a bit of an inkling that it might be not what I thought when I saw the program.

Looked a little silly you know?  Not a real thriller type of picture.

The actors in this play were phenomenal.  The four of them juggled 150 roles. ( I didn't count, it said so on the program)...That takes skill.  There were a number of scenes whereby the way you knew they had changed character was by a change of "hat".

Also, I didn't expect it to be funny. But it really was, from start to finish, I was giggling the whole time.

What a refreshing end to the season.


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