Monday, April 18, 2011


It was so good.  Mentally busy, but good.

Friday night we had a quiet evening. Brad had to work late, but we had a banana split celebration when he got home.

Saturday was all about getting the house ready for the party (setting up our poker tables in the basement requires a fair bit of rearranging).  Plus I had to work, so I would clean for a bit, then go on my laptop.  Go get the cake and treats for the party, then go back on my laptop.

Party was fun.  We shaved a mohawk into Brad's head and then dyed it bright blue. I think the party finished well into the morning, I bailed before it was done.

Sunday I took Zach to hockey and then came home and worked for a few hours.  In the afternoon, we decided to take the kids to the movies, so we went and saw Tangled. Cute. Classic Disney, but nothing ground breaking or anything. Boys had fun though.  Zach had a really good weekend, there was no fighting no tears or anything. Really great.  Proud of his progress.  Logan was such a cuddler this weekend, I had him permanently attached to little koala.

Back at it today. Whoosh... weekend over before it started.


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