Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well tonight I finally get to see Calendar Girls. Kendra and I both messed up the dates back in March only to realise that the tickets were for today.

A lot of people I know have season tickets to the theatre and they have all seen the play by now and they all LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So I can't wait for this one. I think it's going to be my favorite of the season!

Boy are doing well.  Logan seems to be feeling a little better. He's mostly got his appetite back, but he is still a little needy.  That's okay. There has been a lot going on with his brother and Zach commands a lot of attention. So Bleek and I go out of our way to make sure that Logan gets his share of attention. So if he's a little needy...who's not like the extra hugs and kisses are a big challenge for me. LOL. Logan is such a good kid, has such a good heart and empathy for those around him.  A lot of kids would have a hard time having an older brother with ADHD... it's not easy, but Logan completely takes it in stride.

Zach is doing well also. He has been starting his medication and so far it's been good. He said that it helps him concentrate but that he doesn't really notice anything else. Logan said that he noticed Zach listens to him when he talks now, so that's cool.  I provided the teachers with the checklists from the Doctor.  So the school will fill out a weekly checklist and indicate  if they have noticed any improvement in Zachary's ability to attend to tasks in the classroom.  I have started up an email communication group between Zach's two teachers, the principal and vice-principal and the in-school occupational therapist so that we are all in the loop.  It can take a week for the medication to start to work, so I am not really expecting to see any changes until next week.  That being said, I really hope that Zach gains confidence and self esteem as a result of the positive changes. I did notice today that he came home talking about all his friends today, Braden, Nathan and Liam. Usually Zach has trouble with social situations, but he seemed really happy with how things went. I just burst with happiness and joy when I see him so proud of himself.

Sheesh, can't believe it's Wednesday already.

Goal for Wednesday... learn Parkour...


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