Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tales from Adenoid Alley

At our cabin this weekend, there was one epic evening whereby the entire cabin was snoring.....

Wrote about it...

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There is something primal that happens when I am about to drift off into blissful slumber, only to have that tell tale rumble launch an assault on my auditory nerve. My usual calm demeanor is replaced by a raging lunatic with a desperate need to protect her REM cycle.
Recently, I waged an epic battle against snoring. My family decided to take a trip to our cabin over the Easter weekend. It was a jovial bunch of kids, grandparents and my husband and myself. Now, in our brood, a few suffer from seasonal allergies and a few were fighting colds. I should have known this had the makings of a perfectly unfit nights sleep.I thought I was being smart in going to bed before everyone else. That’s the trick. If you can get to sleep prior to the sawing of logs, you may actually have a fighting chance. In this case, sadly, nothing could help me. Somewhere around 3 am, it began. When it did begin, it was loud enough to shake me from my slumber with reckless abandon. It was like everyone’s nasal passages were all working together to orchestrate what could only be described as a cacophonous symphony.
While we were in individual bedrooms, the walls do not go all the way to the ceiling, nor are they even remotely soundproof. Essentially, there is no escaping the snoring. I tried burying my ears under a pillow which had all the effect of my attempting to extinguish a bonfire by spitting on it. Next up, I tried putting my fingers in my ears. Despite being ridiculously uncomfortable, it actually amplifies other sounds which defeated the whole purpose. Around this point is when I usually get the arms working and elbow my husband in an attempt to silence the rumbles. However, in this particular instance, my husband was the only one in the cabin, besides myself, who wasn’t snoring.
I may hate snoring more than anything, but I am not so low as to elbow my children to get them to be quiet. Also, I was not about to enter my parents bedroom at 3 am either. So, my evacuation plan was put into effect as my only refuge from Adenoid Alley was to grab a blanket and head to the living room, far enough away to make sleep a possibility.
Usually, I can stop the snoring long enough by encouraging my counterpart to roll over. That generally buys me enough time to get back to sleep before the symphony starts up again. My experience in "adenoid alley" was definitely a one off.
There are of course many published treatments for snoring; however, none of them were going to help me at 3 am, situated in a cabin in the woods far from civilization. On one end of the snoring treatment spectrum you have those nose strips things, which are right up there in the night mouth guard sexy category, while on the other you have pretty horrid sounding surgical interventions.
Many things contribute to snoring such as environmental triggers and stress as well as a laundry list of medical conditions. If snoring is really affecting you or  your partner, it would probably not hurt to go get yourself checked out to rule out some of the big things. Hopefully, there will be a easy solution to your nasal woes and everyone will be able to have a restful night sleep. On behalf of your spouse – Thank you


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