Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some might have noticed...

My Pictures tab is missing.  Not by accident. Bleek watched a program on keeping kids safe and there was discussions about uploading pictures to the net. Apparently, those tech savvy enough can pinpoint your location based on the pictures you publish.

Well, considering many of us are publishing pictures of our kids, that logic would extend that people could pinpoint locations of your kids. Not going to get into it any more than that because it makes me cringe just to think about.  So I decided not to post pics of the kids on my blog for that reason.

On to happier things.... race weekend coming up. I have contacted all of my volunteers and sent them a welcome note.  Things get moving tomorrow with Kit Stuff ( I will be adding the timing chips to the running bibs) and then Saturday is Site set up... always a long day.  Sunday morning will start bright and early at 5am at the race site. I sincerely hope it doesn't rain this year. Last year poured. all. day.

Either way, gonna be epic!


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