Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Extravaganza.

Cake is done!

We kinda changed it up a bit. Initially I was planning on doing a lemon cake, but Zach said that he thought Grandma would prefer a carrot cake. So we went with that.  It's a low fat carrot cake, with a heart shaped fat free cheesecake center.

I started to do my Rose icing technique, but since I had already done that before, it seemed boring. So I scraped it off and started again. Instead I rolled out some fondant and covered the cake. Then I made a quilting pattern into the fondant and rolled small balls of fondant to go around the outside of the cake (to look like pearls). The top of the cake had the rose icing technique.  Turned out pretty good, so I will have to take a picture later.

Now... onto house cleaning.While I was doing the cake, the boys were doing laundry. I LOVE that they can do that.  They now how to put the laundry in the washer, turn it on, take the clothes out of the dryer and fold and put away.  It's important they learn how to help with the chores, because whatever partner they choose in life should not have to do it by themselves!!

Mo and Eva are vacuuming, so I am off to tackle the bathrooms and whatnot. I purposely left the kitchen until last because I knew I would be in there making the cake and that always makes a mess.

I will take pictures of tonight's dinner party!  Should be a fun one.


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