Monday, April 11, 2011


and just like that the weekend is over.  Sunday was lazy and indulgent.  So nice.  We went to Zach's hockey, but that was over at 9 am, so we had the whole day. Bleek went for a run and I had a nap! A NAP! How induglent is that!!!

After said nap, I went for a run too. It was supposed to be my "long" run, but whatever, it was a miracle I dragged myself away from my comfy napping spot - so I only did 5.5 miles.  It's the strangest thing. Sometimes it's all I can do to get through a gruelling 3 mile run and yet the 5 mile runs are a cake walk. I'll never understand it.

Read this book with the boys... it made me laugh:

It's funny how I can totally remember my childhood by the books I read. Came across a website that had all these great books from the 80s:

...but now that I'm all grown up...

one correction though.. better make that two little boys....


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