Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic Flute

Tonight is the OPERA!!!

When a prince wanders into a strange land, he is asked by the grief-stricken queen to rescue her daughter, Pamina, who has been imprisoned by a tyrant, Sarastro. To aid him in his search, she gives the prince a magic flute and sends along the comical bird man, Papageno. Throughout the fantastical journey there are serpents to slay, animals to tame, and trials by fire and water

I love the poster art for the performance!  Very fun and colorful.

Tonight, my Mum is going to come with me.  Apart from being very apprehensive about driving downtown (she hates it, even though she worked downtown for 35 years) she is going to pick me up and we'll head over together.

On another note, one of my opinion pieces is getting published on Technorati!  Just a short little blurp, but it's always fun to be published.  My editor reviewed it and  we just had to change the corresponding photo so that it matched the article and we should be good to go.  I'll either repost the article later or post the link to the Technorati site....  FUN!


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