Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holy Schnikes!!!!

You know how a kid can be totally animated at home but in front of a crowd he freezes?
COMPLETELY not the case with Zach. Oh my gawd! He was incredible!!! Said his speaking lines perfectly, was totally animated and dynamic up on stage!! I had parents coming up after the show asking if Zach was in theatre!
Logan was singing his little heart out! He was the cutest chicken out there ( yes I'm biased....) He had all of the dance moves down- shaking his bum with a great big smile on his face!!!

The school did make it easy for the parents. We didn't have to make the costumes - the school took care of that. Zach just had to wear a white shirt, Logan yellow. Still, Logan loved all his feathers and Zach was a big fan of the hooves!

Extremely proud of both my boys... The Hargreaves boys brought it!!


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