Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Times....

Got an email requesting that I become a BlogCritic writer.  Pretty Cool.  So I was looking for samples of my previous work and got to reading... the Winnipeg Free Press has them all online now.  You can even search for me on the Free Press Website any my articles come up!  Cool:

Yay! Friday!  I hit up the Bulk Barn last night and I got all the stuff for the cakes. That store is dangerous for me. The problem is that the prices are listed by kg or whatever. So $ looks so cheap, trouble is, I get carried away with the scooping at $1.38 rapidly turn into $12.99.   No matter though. I got the cakes made last night, so tonight I will fill them with the non-fat cheesecake! YUMMO! Ice them and DONE!

Let the TGIFs begin!
Super Fun Tea Bags... must prepare for the Royal Wedding somehow!

Kayak Fail Gif - Kayak Fail

Lucy Gif - Lucy

I Love Diet Soda Gif - I Love Diet Soda


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