Friday, April 1, 2011



That was something else.

Working from home is such a nice option to have on days when the kids are sick and Bleek can't take the time off, but it poses a number of challenges in that the connection is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

I have no patience for slow systems (none, nada, zip) and so it was a really frustrating day. On a positive note, I got everything I needed to get done with minimal problems.

So now that's it's done and I have signed off, I decided to re-vamp the blog for Spring. Added some fun new things (got away from using the standard Blogger content and wrote some of my own code)... and this is the result. Even added a photo tab!

Logan is much better. I wasn't so sure this morning, he was still very lethargic and not eating, but he seems to have gained some confidence and started eating a bit. Trouble is now Bleek is sick.....

So I need a little pick me up...after all, wine can only do so much.

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