Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend!

Well that was fun

Boys had a great time out at the cabin. The Easter bunny was out in full form in all his chocolate splendor.  They got to go on lots of adventure exploring walks and even got a special surprise this time. When they were visiting Farmer Dale, one of the cows gave birth. So the boys got to see a baby calf being born. Very exciting.

I on the other hand am sick. I have come down with some sort of cold - bronchitis - nasal thing. Every time I cough it's like a am shaking up shattered glass in my lungs. It's really unpleasant.

Back home and the weater is gorgeous, so I am going to pop a cold pill and take the boys to the park for awhile.  Then it's early bed for them. They have the luxury of staying up late at the cabin and then sleeping in, but it's back to basics for tomorrow.

Ordinarily I would do a long run on Sunday nights, but I am not up to it today.... maybe this week... hopefully.  I can't be sick this week though, it's RACE week!!!  I am volunteering for Kit stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. Race set up is Saturday and then Sunday is game on for Race Day!!!    Winnipeg Police Half Marathon!!  As usual, I am in charge of the finish line. Can't wait to cheer on all my friends and fellow runners!!


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