Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bloody Nose

Bus ride home was a tad interesting.  I have had a cold for almost a week.  Runny/Stuffy nose has been a constant. So I have been blowing my nose a lot.

I guess my nose is getting irritated or something.  I was on the bus going home and had to blow my nose ( gripping commentary here....) then I got annoyed because I was still sniffling. Then I realised that it was a bleeding nose as opposed to just a runny nose. Great.

So I have 1 tissue left with me and was now facing a rather vigorous nosebleed.  I did my utmost to be discreet, but the lady beside clearly had a phobia to blood and kind of freaked out.  No offer of a tissue mind you, but she did have a mild spazz.

I ended up finding some more tissues in another part of my bag, so I was alright. Although, I must have looked like a total germaphobe on the bus holding a tissue to my face the entire time.

Never a dull moment.

Rushed home, changed, then rushed out to Jill's Vet clinic to pick up the timing chips for the race. Got them, hopped back in the car and then rushed over to the Police Academy.  Was a few minutes late, but nothing major.  Worked for three hours and got a fair bit of the kits stuffed. Will go back tonight to finish the Relay participants.  Whew~~


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