Monday, April 4, 2011

Bean-n-Gone.... revisited.

Alright... remember this?

Well, apparently Logan had stuffed more than one bean in his ear. So far in fact that we could clean his ear with a Q-tip and not notice it.

Since Logan has been sick this past week, he has been complaining that his ear hurt.  Bleek and I thought for sure he had an ear infection, so Bleek today off to take him to the doctor.

Yeah... a quick glance by the doctor and we were told that Logan had a small bean lodged in his inner ear.  With his recent flu, likely the tissues were inflamed and caused pressure around the bean causing the pain.

The docotr tried to get it out, but couldn't so Bleek had to take Logan to Children's Hospital to have the bean removed. 

 Sigh. How do we get ourselves into these things?

Logan confessed that he was so worried he would be in trouble, that he never told us about the other bean.  Poor kid had been going around for a month with a freaking BEAN in his ear. Up until this flu bug, he didn't complain. In some ways I am glad he got the flue, cause I really am starting to wonder how long it would have been stuck in there!!

Mum and Dad stopped by tonight. They had a great time on their trip. I think that they were really happy to see the boys though.  Logan kept asking if they were spending the night, he was so concerned they are going to leave again. So we made plans to have them over for dinner on Sunday so we can properly celebrate Mum and Brad's birthday!

So that mean my baking skills will be called in question again.  I am not a fancy baker, never professed to be. That being said I have fun making birthday cakes.  I think I am going to make a Rose Cake for Mum.  She really liked the picture I send her of the cake I made for GG. Mum likes Lemon, so I am going to do a white cake with a Lemon Vanilla filling.  YAY!


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