Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Lost Tooth!

Yay! Logan lost his second bottom tooth last night! Whew! There is always that second of panic when it comes out, but then when he sees it, back to happy.

He was SOOOOOOOOOOO pleased that this morning, he was up and singing all around the house this morning. Had a bounce in his step and everything. Very cute.

Glad Wednesday is over. It was the second of my two board meetings I had to attend this week for the daycare. So I am now on the Board of Directors, Finance Committee and the Nominating Committee. I do like being involved with the center and so despite the time commitments, I am happy to be a part of it.

Other than that not to much going on, just getting ready for Easter. We are going to make Silk Dyed Eggs. You essentially take old silk ties, wrap them up around eggs, then wrap that in cotton and boil with vinegar and water and get this:

Cool right?  Not the standard egg colors! 

I have to run to the dollar store to get some of those easter egg hunt cups... I can't find ours.  Love easter.... so much fun!


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