Thursday, April 7, 2011


Calendar girls was hands down my MTC season favorite.

I laughed
I cried

and completely enjoyed the entire play.

One more play left for the season. We have already decided to renew for next year because a) the theatre is awesome b) it's a great girls night and c) sometimes as sad as it is, you need to schedule time with friends. if you don't, life takes over, you get busy and you never seem to see eachother, which is completely not cool when your friends are as effing amazing as mine.

I also gave Kendra her cookies!  She was on the nomination list..... slowly making sure everyone on the list gets cookies.

I totally forgot I had a Dentist today. Thank g*d for Blackberry notifications! Whew!  After the Dentist I am going to run to Bulk Barn and pick up what I need to make the cake the for the weekend.  I am still thinking Lemon - something, but it's not the final choice yet.

Ok... another change of topic. Hang on.  Do you know what I have realised lately?  Shoulder Pads are coming back. Yes. Shoulder Pads.   I thought we as a species decided they were a hideous fashion blip from the 80s and we had learned lesson and moved on. Evidently not.

Photographic Evidence:

Wow... anyways... moving on. I can't believe the first week of April is almost over.   This weekend is hockey and Mum's birthday. Next weekend is Bleek's Big Birthday party (that reminds me I have to order a cake) and then the weekend after that is Easter and then BOOM. May.    Good grief... before we know it will  be fall again!  That is ever so slightly an exaggeration, so to get me in the mood.... a little Easter inspiration...

As I was typing this I reached up and touched my earrings... nervous habit.  Just realised I came to work wearing two totally different earrings. So awesome.


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