Monday, March 14, 2011

Robot love

I love my Roomba. Love love love it.  The boys affectionately call it "Mo"... the cleaner robot from Wall-e:

Anyways... we have a fancy one upstairs - automatic scheduling etc... the beautiful thing vacuums my upstairs when we are not home.

I usually pick it up and take it downstairs to clean on the weekends. But I have decided that we use it enough to warrant two robots. So I ordered one today. It's not as fancy, no scheduling, so it's an on demand thing... this is fine for the basement because the roomba gets stuck on the arched base of Brad's leather recliner, so I always have to move it prior to vacuuming. So I wouldn't want it auto scheduling because it would get stuck and not finish cleaning.

So whoo hoo.. now the boys will have to think of a name. I giggled today.. when I was looking up the names of the other cleaning robots from Wall-e, I came across this:

Apparently we are not the first ones to make the Wall-e connection

I think we will call this one EVE.... it's all white... just like EVE.


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