Sunday, March 27, 2011

Perhaps not...

Okay - so maybe a 45 minute aerobic/weight workout, followed by 5 hours (no kidding... 5 hours!) of walking around shopping followed by a 4 mile run was a little much for my legs.

I am so freaking stiff today.  Plus every time I sneeze, laugh or cough, my abs are screaming at me.

On a positive note, at least I know that the exercises had an impact right?

Not sure when Bleek and the boys are getting home. Miss them. Miss Logan talking absolutely non stop and sharing every electrical impulse in his brain.  Miss Zach bubbling with excitement to show me all the cool things he's figured out.

So I am folding laundry and watching TLC.  It flips between "Hoarding" and "Say Yes to the dress".  the hoarding show makes me feel icky.  Even watching the show makes me feel like I should go disinfect everything.  My heart goes out to the families because I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have a family member suffering from that type of mental illness.

Say Yes to the Dress however, is just pure pleasure. Can't explain why I love that show. Kind of reminds me of working at La Senza and that great feeling I got when I helped people find the exact perfect thing.  So fun.

Got the munchies today. Dangerous territory.  The good thing is that my house is filled only with healthy things so that really helps.  I am not even sure what I am craving, although I think it's a cupcake.  Maybe that's just cause I was watching Cake Boss. LOL.  Oh well... reaching for a banana instead.


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