Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing.... nothing.... nothing.... MENTAL!

Yeesh - yesterday was a busy day. Didn't even have time to get up for a coffee (my litmus test for how busy I am).

Today doesn't appear to have much of a reprieve in store.  I am hoping to get my month end data started today, but that in itself is wishful thinking on my part. The report deadline (read: my deadline) is due tomorrow, which means everyone should get their data to me by 5 leaving me an hour to complete two days worth of work. Superb! By some stroke of luck, maybe I will get some data in today. That would be great.

If all goes well, I have a board meeting at the daycare for 6 pm.  I can only stay a half hour, but last months meeting was only a half hour, so I might not have to leave early at all. Then, at 6:30, go home, kiss the boys, then hop in the car to see Calendar Girls tonight.

Kendra and I have seen a lot of drama infused plays this year. I know that sounds redundant "drama infused" considering theatre itself is drama, but I am talking about the plot lines specifically. There has been a fair amount of death, suicide, mental health problems, religious pressure to name but a few topics.

These plays have all been tremendously well done with excellent performance by the actors. That being said, I am looking forward to something a bit more light hearted.  Yes, this play has some undertones of death, but it's dealt with in a different way.  It's also based on a true story:

A very British story, with a very British heart, CALENDAR GIRLS is based on an uplifting and very inspiring true story that is quirky, poignant and hilarious

Here is a link to the story behind the play :
Here is a picture of the real Calendar girls.

These women astound me with their bravery, courage and sheer nerve.  Our bodies are a testament to what we go through. Each scar, each wrinkle a reminder of a life lived. Embrace it and OWN it.

Well done ladies.


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