Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic!

Okay. Tragedy has struck.  Mo... the beloved vacuum robot upstairs isn't working.


I have to say, there are alot of support contact phone numbers, but the irobot customer technical support kicks some SERIOUS robot ass.

I called and explained that the brushes weren't turning.  So he walked me through all the steps to check a bunch of things.  I have been crazy diligent about cleaning it out and doing the maintenance because I LOVE it.  But I didn't know that you were supposed to take the side screw/ends off the brushes and clean those too.  I just cleaned the brushes and put them back.

Well, it turned out that if you don't clean them, dirt (et al.) gets all stuck and then the brushes can't turn. Hmph... seems logical.  Trouble is that when the motor is trying to turn them and it can't it kinda burns out some module.  Well isn't that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic!

BUT!  All hope is not lost, because Mo was still under warranty! Whoop De Doo!  So they are mailing us a new module to replace the one I fried and all will be well.  Yahoo!

Went to ten spa today. So nice.  Got there an hour befor emy appointment so I could spent a luxurious amount of time in the steam room and aromatherapy shower. So great.  Appointment was for a cleopatra body oil/milk cocoon.  The best way I can describe what a cocoon is like would be to say it's like lying on top of a unfilled waterbed and then they fill it up around you.  So essentially you become the hot dog in a water filled bun. Make Sense?  Thought it would.  Anyways, it awesome, you are floating and warm and wonderful.  Before they fill it up with water, they rub you down with a hot cream oil/honey mixture.  While you are in the cocoon you get a foot massage and a cucumber facial.

After ten spa, I stopped in to visit GG. She isn't feeling so well. Evidently the flu bug going around the building found her and she was pretty under the weather. She had a list on the counter all ready for me, so I got the list and ran out and got what she needed.  It's weird, no matter what is on that list chances are it will be sold out or unavailable or only at a certain store.  I have yet to be able to take a list and get everything at one place.

Whatevs, so I pick up her stuff, take it back to her. She wasn't up to visiting, so I just came home.

Made some AMJ friendly low fat brownies and going to watch a movie or something with Ang tonight. 

Tomorrow is the boys last winter hockey game, but then Spring Session starts next week.  After hockey we are heading out to Brett's place for Braden's birthday party. Boys are pumped for that. 

Oh yeah, in the latest chapter of how odd my father can be....  I sent an email to Mum and Dad with a picture of Logan and the tooth he lost last night.  This was Dad's response:

Hi Logan
Sorry to hear the you have lost a body part.

Hope it didn't hurt too much.  Don't do like your brother and pull a tooth out!  That ain't a good an idea.

Grampa Preston

Charming Dad LOL.  


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