Monday, March 21, 2011

Just one small thing

There is a lot of awful things going on in the world right now.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, War.... it's endless and all horrible.

I have decided that I need to be inspired. I need to do something completely selfless because I always find that in doing so and focusing on the needs of others makes your problems seem miniscule and insignificant.

So here's my small thing.  In reading some other blogs I read about an idea. A wonderful idea.  That wonderful idea was only open to US residents, but I thought it's a good enough idea to go international!  This was the premise:

Over the course of the next three months, I will be giving away 3 dozen cookies.  One dozen to three separate winners.

And just who are the lucky recipients of these cookies?

Well, that remains to be seen.  For the first time, it might be a chance for all of us to think of someone else first.   So, here's how it's going to work....

Just leave a comment nominating someone you know who could use a little tiny spot of sunshine in their day.

Do you know someone who is dealing with health issues?  Who lost a loved one?  Who has been out of work?  Who is raising their kids on their own?  Who has had the flu for two weeks?  Whose child has a birthday coming up?  A neighbour who shovelled your walk just because?  Someone who brings so much joy and happiness to others that you want them to experience a little of their own?

I will be choosing three people to receive two dozen cookies.  I will cover materials, time, and shipping.

The only thing I need from you is someone to share it with.

Now.  Its just cookies.  I know that.  I wish I could do more... give more.  For now, I am hoping that someone receiving a delicious and personalized treat in the mail will be a well deserved moment of bliss.  That they will feel special.
And appreciated.
And loved.

So that's what I propose we do.   As nominating someone to receive cookies is already as selfless act, I think that all nominees are deserving. As such, I will draw three names at random.

Deliveries will be limited to Canadian residents only.
Make sure you leave an email address so that I can contact you!!
Nb - If you prefer to keep your nomination anonymous, you can email your nomination to:


Paulette said...

And I’d like to nominate my wonderful neighbor Terry who has shoveled snow for me this winter because he knew I wasn’t well. It would have been a really difficult time without him. He has two kids who I’m sure love cookies!

Jodi said...

I nominate my friend Kendra. She's the best - loves me even though I am high strung, let's me vent when I need to and is all round the definition of kind hearted.

Love love love her.

Jodi said...

Two more worthy recipients:

Uncle Bob and Owen. A few weeks back when I totally screwed up my sink, they came to my rescue. No questions asked, and they didn't even tease me for my utter stupidity.

Definitly worthly of some cookies.

Cheryl said...

What a great idea Jodi! Who wouldn't love some cookies baked with love!

My niece Kyla has a friend who lost her Mom this past summer just before heading back to school. She is only 13 and has no other close female contacts as her grandparents do not live close. It is her Dad and some older brothers. I know Kyla spoke of Lanessa's struggles in the fall but not sure how it is going for the family now. Let me know if there are still some cookies to distribute and I will check with Kyla to see if she would like this to happen for Lanessa and return with mailing update etc.

Very cool Jodi! Was glad to link to your webpage to see your smiling face!

Jamie said...

Cool Idea!

I'd like to nominate my uncle. He's an overall very nice guy, who just lost his wife (my aunt) to cancer last year. He loves anything sweet and deserves cookies.

Jodi said...

I haven't the slightest idea why some people can post comments and others can't.

Boo to frustrating technology.

If you're having trouble, just email me:

Paulette said...

I have another nomination for my brother's girlfriend who is going through a challenging time right now and could use some cheering up!

Brad said...

I would like to nominate Neillie Cremin. Neillie is one the farmers out by our cabin in Stockton, MB. On several occasions this past winter Neillie has graciously driven his tracker the 3+ miles, in frigid temperatures, to our cabin to plow in a road so that our family could get to the cabin. On a couple of occasions he has dropped everything to drive over and pull our truck out of the snow. Neillie’s heart is truly bigger than his 2000+ acre farm.

Pina said...

I would like to nominate our letter carrier Charlie. He always has a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone when he delivers our mail… even in -40 below weather! :)

Angie said...

Hey jODI,

I nominate a teacher I work with Kristina! She has been through a some hard times personally and coming through with a smile on her face, and also we have a rough class this year, and it is a very trying year for us..but she still comes out of everyday tryin to find the good..and still able to smile and give the kids a hug. She has the biggest heart ever!!!!! And completely..and totally deserves something completely selfless such as this to make her day!!! :)


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