Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm a twit.... let's start with that....

Okay, so getting ready to rush off to my Board meeting, so I could rush off to the theatre when I get a text from Kendra.  Theatre is April 6, not tonight.

I guess when we got our season tickets that was the original date, however, I knew that today would be a busy day for me, so we changed it. However, neither one of us changed the date in our calendars.

Face Palm.

No matter, it all worked out I suppose. I got to go the board meeting, which ran late and I even managed to sneak in a 3 mile run just now. So whoo hoo.

It's almost 9:30 now, and I really have to grab some dinner or I am going to digest myself. Evidently the salad and strawberries I ate at 11:30 was not enough to sustain me for 10 hours... go figure.


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