Friday, March 25, 2011

Flea Markets

Was looking through some home style magazine last night and there was this big article on Flea market finds and how you can turn them into treasures.

Sure. Some people can.  However, I think you have to be genetically wired to do it.  See, I am missing the gene that would result in me saying "Wow, that huge mirror in the shape of Texas covered in seashells is an effing bargain!! Do you have any more?"

So yes of course you would bring it home and I don't know, distress it or whatever the heck you do with it and then Voila... insta-chic.

I have to admit though, some of the stuff people make are ridiculously amazing and beautiful.   It's one thing I wish I was a little better at.

Alright.... it's that time again... TGIFS!!!
Some of these aren't GIFs, but they made me smile, so they made the cut:
Plank Attack Gif - Plank Attack
                                                    Yeah, I think this is a dive..just saying...
I Think Thats A Dive Gif - I Think Thats A Dive


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