Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Calendar Frenzy...

April and May are gonna be mental. MENTAL.

Zach and Logan are both in the Spring League for Hockey. Spring Soccer Starts up May 1 (provided the weather cooperates), I have the AGM and Board Meetings for Daycare, Theatre, Kindergarten Musicals... endless.

There are only a few days where its a little too busy, even for me. May 18, I have a Board meeting at 6 - 6:30, then I have to leave and rush off to Logan's soccer, then once that's done, rush over to watch Zach's hockey game.

I have 3 calendars that I maintain. The hardcopy at my desk... best of jotting things down while I think of them, or when I'm on the phone. The second is my Outlook work calendar (totally saved my butt a few times when I forgot about appointments for Dentists and things... g*d I love that reminder feature!) and the last is my blackberry.

Finally got them all synced up tonight. It would be SOOOOOOOOOOO great if Blackberry could get it together with Windows Live, hopefully in due time.

Tomorrow is weigh in for AMJ...the chronicles of my ass minimization journey continue... Since January I am down 17lbs. So yay. It's by no means coming off at warp speed, but it is coming off, so I can't complain.

Other than that, not too much going on. Bleek got invited to the Fire and Ice Gala dinner this year, so that's what's up for him tomorrow.

Looks like a great event!

Then Calvin and Bleek are headed out to the cabin this weekend, so it's me and the boys...  Logan has a playdate with his buddy Noah on Saturday at 1pm.  He's super pumped for that!

OH! I almost forgot. Zach in his infinite wisdom decided that he was ready for his tooth to come out today. It was a little wiggly, but no where near ready I thought. Today, afterschool, he tied a string around it, tied the other end to a tobogan and hurled the toboggan... and lo and behold out came the tooth.  Man... I gotta admire the commitment to the cause there.  Logan has a very wiggly tooth that is ready to come out, but after Zach's story... told in a way that only Zach can do it justice, Logan decided to hold off until the weekend. Not quite as bold as his brother.  Neither am I really!


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