Friday, February 11, 2011


AMJ got another boost last night... down another 5.2lbs Whoop! whoop!

egad.. I am behind on my stuff. I still haven't made GG her cake yet. I will have to bake them tonight. I also have to get the kids Valentines ready...going out for dinner with Jill tonight....Ahhh... so much to do.

I decided to take a half day off today. So, work until noon, then go visit GG for awhile... when you turn 89,  honestly... every year should be a big deal - or at least I think so.  I had flowers and a teddy bear delivered today, but I thought I would spend the afternoon with her.

Then, back to my place. I think I will bake the cakes then. Jill doesn't get off work at the Vet Clinic until 6:30, so I can easily bake some cakes before then and let them cool. Then Saturday am, get up, take the boys to swimming, come home and dirty ice them - then do the Rose Decorating. Man.. hope it turns out. I'll have to take pics if it does...mind you, I am not above posting a pic if it doesn't LOL.

Sunday, meeting Angie, Jack at GG's place... going out to Smitty's (gawd...ick...but it's her favorite) and then likely the mall for some shopping. Bleek will take the boys to hockey and just like that another weekend will be over....

Unbelievable... weekend is almost over and it hasn't even started yet.

Happy Friday All!!


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