Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It was a great weekend out at the cabin.  We got there late Friday night; Nealy had plowed  a path for us to get into the cabin (there is no road, so without being plowed in, you can't get there).  The cabin was f-f-f-freezing.  Bleek started up the woodstove and we turned the baseboard heaters on. It warmed up pretty well.

Saturday morning we went toboganning.  So fun. the hill, it a 2 minute walk from the cabin. We had brought the old school sled as well as the mini luges for the boys. The thing is because this isn't a regular toboggan hil, we had to pack down the snow ourselves. The boys didn't have trouble, because they could walk on top of the snow.  Bleek and I however, sunk down with every step and the snow was over my knees!

Satruday afternoon we decided to go into town. The wind had picked up and it was snowing again. Enough the blow our plowed out path.  We got stuck once, but Bleek dug us out.  The tractor path is just wide enough for a truck - barely. So if you go a few inches to the left or right you get stuck. However, even with being plowed out you have to drive fairly fast to keep the momentum, otherwise you get stuck anyways.  So after digging out the first time, 20 ft later we got stuck again. This time, we were really stuck, so we called Nealy with OnStar.  He came and pulled us out. Such a nice guy - we invited him for dinner Saturday night. Nealy came over from Ireland about 6 years ago.  He has an extremely thick accent, but after you are around him for a little while, it's easier to understand.

Sunday we decided to get up and go tracking. We saw tons of rabbit tracks, but no coyote. Which is nice for me, I don't much care for coyotes.  Bleek broke the trail, and the boys and I followed him. However, going through the forest the snow was up to Bleek's knees, which meant it wasWAY to high for Logan. So I had to carry him for a little bit. He complained, but we carried on.  More sledding Sunday afternoon. It's amazing, if you dress for the cold, you don't even notice it!!  Although, getting all those layers and things on is a royal PITA,  as is removing them, but whatever, all in the name of Winter fun I suppose.

Monday the drive back was uneventful. Roads were nice and dry, no blowing snow or anything. Perfect. We got back in time so that I could make a drive over to GG's to see how she was getting on and if she needed anything.  Jackie had visited her Saturday and Angie visited her after I did on Monday, so I think she's got everything she needs for the next few days.

Bleek is going to go back out to the cabin this weekend to get some work done. We want to insullate the windows and maybe put up some tile behind the woodstove. But that job is easier done when the kids aren't there.  So I'll stay home this time.

All in all, very nice long weekend!


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