Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Much better...

Frustrated as all h*ll with things yesterday, but last night was good, boys had good days, they got to chat with Mum and Dad via Skype.... so yep... definitely feeling better about things. Every now and again it just gets to me and I need to vent.

Tonight is theatre with Kendra!!   First, I have to get off work, then head over to the arena to watch the boys skating.  Then home for dinner and tuck them in.  Once they are in bed, I am off to the theatre!!

The Shunning... based on the title alone it didn't seem like a fluffy bunny play and the description confirmed it:

Peter is trying to live a good life. But when the Mennonite farmer begins to challenge church teachings, the religious leaders decide to punish him with solitude. No one in his family or community will be allowed any contact with him until he repents, forcing his wife to abandon him if not in person, then in spirit. As the domestic and community pressure forces him into isolation, he refuses to stop questioning.
Manitoba playwright Patrick Friesen weaves a tangled web between faith and the faithful, introducing a new generation to his lyrical masterpiece

Thursday is WW with I really have to bake the Banana Cake for GG!!!  Maybe I will do it Thursda night then.  Friday I am going over to visit GG, it is her actual birthday, so I am sending some flowers (Good timing GROUPON!!, got a $40 voucher for $20) and have a visit.

GG goes to bed early, so after the boys, Bleek and I see her, I am putting the boys to bed and then going out with Jill.  No concrete plans as to where yet.... maybe we will catch dinner and then a late movie.

Sunday, Angie, Jackie and I are all taking GG out for a birthday lunch.  Not sure where to go after. Initially she mentioned going to Club Regent, but her legs have been sore lately, so we may just get her set up in the wheelchair and take her shopping.

Wow... it's only Wednesday and I have the entire rest of my week/weekend planned.  Egad.


katie@stvital said...

I saw the Shunning before. It was very powerful. My Mom directed it in an intimate round with only a handful of actors (3 maybe). I remember loving it.

Jodi said...

Powerful is a good way to describe it.

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