Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Or attempted Skyping really. The connection at Mum and Dad's is suspect at best, so sometimes, the connection kicks out and the video feed doesn't work. Lame, but if we shut off the video, we can still talk which is cool and way cheaper than using the phone.

Looking forward to the weekend with the boys. Got all my marking done tonight so that I can have the weekend free. Loads of things planned....including relaxing in front of the fire with Bleeker. Can't wait.

Friday is the 100th day of school. It's a pretty big deal for the Kindergartens, I don't remember celebrating that as a kid.... maybe it's new.

Zach is doing the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.... He's doing well so far! Pretty excited that people are pledging him.

Well that's about it for a Wednesday night. Tomorrow is weigh in... the batteries in my scale died today and I haven't gotten new ones yet, so I have no idea how I did this week.... the weigh in will be a surprise I guess. I avoided cake at work and made a low fat Cake for GG, exercised my patootie off.... here's hoping it worked!


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