Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well... saw The Shunning.

First up, the positives.... it was superbly (yes, I said superbly) acted.  It had a very small cast, only 4 actors and the play is around 2 hours. That means there is a whole lot of soliloquies. Soliloquies always impress me. I can memorize fairly well, but I am not sure I could memorize a series of 30 minute speeches... pretty incredible.  Second positive is the sets and lighting were very beautiful.

Okay... here's the negatives...  It focused on religion.  Religion is never one of my favorite topics.  I am not sure why, but it always makes me uncomfortable.  I have my own faith and what I believe, but I prefer to keep it private which is why you never hear me talk about it... one of the few things I don't talk about really.  Mind you, maybe that's a good thing, we all need to be pushed out of our comfort zones every now and again.

So the play was about a Mennonite farming town/village in Manitoba.  When one of their own (Peter) starts to question the church and their teachings (but still kept his faith in a loving rather than vengeful God) he is shunned; even his own wife is prohibited from having "relations".

That's about it, the ending (don't want to spoil it on the off chance anyone who reads this wants to see it) didn't do much to end the play on a positive note, but perhaps that's more realistic than wrapping it up a  nice bow I suppose.

Odd incidentals... The bizarre chap who sat next to Kendra last time was back in full force. He's very chatty and tends to interrupt your conversations with his own pearls of wisdom.  It's unnerving because a) he's listening to your conversation and b)... well, he's creepy.

Kendra said that he fell asleep halfway through the play, we're talking some serious hard core REM and was snoring. Ah... the beauty of being deaf... didn't hear a thing. Poor Kendra with her Vulcan hearing, had trouble NOT hearing it.  At one point in the play there was a loud noise and the dude snorted himself awake, which was pretty funny.

Next play on the mainstage is Calendar Girls:
I think this one is going to be more up our alley......


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