Saturday, February 12, 2011


Whoop! Whoop!

What a productive day. First, got the boys to swimming - always a good time.

Zach was limping a bit after swimming, so I looked at his foot and he has a bump on it. Not a blister. I figured it was a wart (ick gross gag), so we swung by the Pediatric walk in to find out.  There was no one there. The place was empty!! Amazing.. that never happens.'s a wart (ick gross gag!).  So the Dr. did the hard core freezing thing to it. She said it would be painful.  So, the cutest thing ever. Zach's on the table and Logan moved the stool over and said "Don't worry Zach, I'll hold your hand and help you be brave".  Logan's so epically awesome. Zach took the treatment like a total man... just squinted through the bad parts and didn't even cry. I could tell he was proud of himself.  sigh.... love love love them.

So, after than, swung by grocery store and then headed for home.  I wanted to get my baking/cooking done for the week. I was making a Zucchini bread loaf, but I didn't have enough Zucchini, so I thought I would add some banana and since I didn't have raisins, I thought I would substitute dried apricots.  Just as I was going to put it in the oven - Pina called. Pina is the Director at the boys daycare. She was working on the audit information and needed some help.

So I told Bleek to watch the Zucchini loaf and I went across the street to help Pina.  We got most of it figured out and 2 hours later, I was home.  Yah.. getting a little too cocky with the ad-libbing on the Zucchini bread.  It was horrid - so we chucked it.

I redeemed myself though, and made low fat corn bread, Oatmeal Apricot (yeah... I have a bunch of apricots I need to use up) muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies (huge huge huge batch... so I can freeze them) and then I made Honey Dijon Pork chops with Jasmine rice for dinner.  Made an enormous amount and then after dinner, I had enough leftovers to freeze 8 individual lunches! Wahoo!

After all that, I went for a 3.5 mile run. Nothing big, but just enough to feel as though I got some semblance of exercise in today.

Took a goofy picture of myself today with the Web cam... Didn't even mean to, just hit a button while I was reading an email from a friend... too funny.  Yah, you can tell it wasn't planned, I would have moved Bleeks beer bottles from the background.

Wel... Tomorrow is GG's birthday celebrations... hope it goes well!


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