Friday, February 18, 2011

Come on!!

It's nice all week and then the night before we are getting ready to go the cabin, a blizzard shows up.

The front steps were totally covered today, the path or trench from our steps to the sidewalk was totally covered over, I had to carry Logan, the snow was up to his waist!

I sincerely hope that the weather clears up a bit and the roads get better.

Thinking good thoughts.

This weekend will be a little different, in that I am going to be getting different forms of exercise (always nice to mix it up). We will be going sledding at our hill at the cabin, going down the big slope from the high to low field. Walking up and down that hill is good exercise, and since the snow at the cabin isn't like here, it's HUGE drifts, so trudging through those is a lot of work. We are also going to try out snowshoeing and "tracking"... which is looking for animal tracks in the snow (appropriately named activity).

Yesterday was a good day for AMJ though... down 1.8lbs! So since January, I am down 14.5lbs, which doesn't what I lost before that.

Trying to approach things different this time. It isn't a diet, I am trying to figure out how to change my mentality and realize this isn't some temporary thing. It's a lifestyle change. I have to figure out how to incorporate the things I like (making healthier versions or watching portions etc) and still make healthy choices.

Dancing Gif Friday!!! Jon Stewart last up Jimmy Fallon!

Jimmy Fallon dancing


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